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My blog posts of December, 2018.

Discard Old Build Artifacts on Jenkins

How to discard old build artifacts on Jenkins and free the disk space by configuring the duration to keep builds / artifacts, and the quantity of builds / artifacts to keep.

Highlight 2018

My highlight 2018.

Testing JAX-RS Resources

This article explains how to set up and tear down a Grizzly Server for testing JAX-RS resources, how to create a HTTP request and assert the response using JUnit 4. And finally, the limits of testing API in reality.


This post explains what is JAX-RS Client API and how to use it via Jersey Client API. We will talk about the Maven dependencies, Client, WebTarget, and HTTP response.

Exception Handling in JAX-RS

This post explains exception mapper, how to register it in JAX-RS application programmatically or via annotation, the exception matching mechanism (nearest-superclass), and more.