Monthly Digest

My blog posts of January, 2019.


Using 100% CPU effortlessly in Java: submit all your tasks to thread pool and wait for completion.

Security Training Day 3

My study notes of security training (day 3), including insecure direct references, broken access control, improper input validation, and software best practices.

Security Training Day 2

My study notes of security training (day 2), including some ways of SQL injection, Cross-site scripting (XSS), and XML External Entity (XXE).

Security Training Day 1

My study notes of security training (Day 1), including web thread landscape (Java in particular), security tools, and some Juice shop training answers.

VAVR HashMap vs Java HashMap

What is the difference between VAVR Collection API and Java Collection API? Why should you give it a try? Today, we will start comparing them via Map and HashMap, including the map creation, entries iteration, streaming, and the side effect.

Test Polymer 2 Using WCT

Web Component Tester (WCT) allows you to test your Polymer elements easily. This article explains how to launch tests locally, set up the tests on CI, detect browsers, and write unit tests using WCT.