Monthly Digest

My blog posts of August, 2019.

Testing with GwtMockito

My recent bug fixing experience on Google Web Kit (GWT) with GwtMockito: problem understanding, code refactoring, mocking framework preparation, testing, and comparison between GwtMockito and GWTTestCase.

Checkstyle CustomImportOrder

Fix import order in Java class using Checkstyle's CustomImportOrder module. This article explains how I did it for Nuxeo Online Services.

6 Tips for Fixing Bugs with Legacy Frameworks

In my daily work, I have to deal with legacy frameworks. Here are 6 tips that I summarized for bug-fixing, including documentation, searching, testing, patching library and more.

Introduction to Commons CLI

Simple but common use-cases: create options, create option, parse command line arguments, print usage, and more using Apache Commons CLI.