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Projects Highlight 2015-2016

Today, I want to share with you all the projects that I've done during the last 365 days. They’ve special meaning for me because it’s the first time that I kept a very active status in programming during a whole year. There're many projects that have been done in various contexts, including IoT, Mobile, Web, blog, Business Intelligence and open-...

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New repo: Java Examples

I’ve been learning different Java frameworks since my last intern in Beijing. Today, I want to share my new GitHub repository: Java Examples. This repository is built on Maven, modularized and extensible.

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Lucene queries in Hibernate Search

Today, I want to share something about the search feature in Hiberante Search. As mentionned in the official guide Getting started with Hibernate Search : Now we’ll finally execute a first search. The general approach is to create a Lucene query, …, and then wrap this query into a org.hibernate.Query in order to get all the functionality ...

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