Set Up Chinese Software Mirrors

This article explains how to download libraries, containers, and other types of software in China by setting mirrors. It also provides candidates and comparisons to help you choose the right one.

My Hackathon Projects At Datadog

This article shared the 5 projects that I did over the last hackathons in Datadog and the lessons learned from those experiences.

Elasticsearch: Generate Configuration With Python Jinja 2

This article explains how to generate the configuration for Elasticsearch using Python templating engine Jinja 2 by going through a basic use-case. It also explains features about Jinja2, testing, and more.

Measure Coverage with

Experience sharing on code coverage measurement of Python program using

Understanding ISO-8859-1 / UTF-8

Character mapping between ISO-8859-1 / UTF-8, decode and encode data between string and bytes, and file I/O operations including MIME encoding detection. All examples are written in Java and Python 3.

Personal Finance: Data Collection

A step-by-step guide sharing how I build my data collection tool in Python for personal finance, and why it might also fit your needs.

Python 3 Basic Syntax

The basic syntax to learn before writing code in Python 3.