Goals of 2017

Year 2017 is the first year in which I start my first full-time job as asoftware engineer. Therefore, I want to share with you some goals andexpectation about this year. I try to split the goals in...

Year 2017 is the first year in which I start my first full-time job as a software engineer. Therefore, I want to share with you some goals and expectation about this year. I try to split the goals into several parts: the Oracle Java Certifications, the goal of Stack Overflow, Hibernate Search, the goal in my work at Nuxeo and the improvement of my English level.

Oracle Java Certifications

Oracle has a series of certifications in Java. As a full-stack Java Developer, I’m very interested in learning more about Java and pass these certifications. The idea is to learn the basic and common skills in Java programming, which will bring help to the future: facilitate the code understanding, shorten the development time for complex tasks, understand the best practice and more. In terms of technologies, these certifications are related to almost each field of the Java language, e.g. Basic Expression, Concept of Class Oriented Prgramming, Multi-threading, Serialization, File IO, Lambda Expression. There’re different levels in the certifications, I wish to pass the following this year:

  • OCAJP: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer
  • OCPJP: Orable Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer

A GitHub repository mincong-h/oracle-certification had been created for it. The objective is to collect questions and tips related to the certifications.

Stack Overflow

As for Stack Overflow, I earned about 1000 points the last year. Thanks to this amazing website, I learned a lot by helping the others. My top fields are java and sql. It’s really an interesting to be able to help people and improve my own skills. This year’s goal will be 2000 points. It shouldn’t be too hard to achieve and I believe java will help me to get there.

Stack Overflow 2016 Overview

A lot of code has been created during the Google Summer of Code for Hibernate Search. However, they have never been merged into the offical repository. This project is then interrupted by other things. Thanks to Yoann, the member of Hibernate Team, all the blockers issues have been resolved and I should be able to merge it into Hibernate this year.


Yesterday, I joined officially the Nuxeo Online Services (NOS) team. NOS is responsible for the development of Nuxeo Connect and Nuxeo Studio. Currently, I still don’t have much detail about my missions, but I believe this is a great opportunity to contribute to Nuxeo and give customers better experience while using Nuxeo’s oneline services. My expectation about this field is to able to product some measurable result at the end of the year, such as code refactoring, performance imrovement, new feature.

English Skills

English is becoming more and more important in my daily missions. Almost all the tasks are in English, e.g. the specification, code, blog, Q&A. So it’s important to improve my English level to better handle these tasks. I saw a book called The Elements of Styles, which helps to improve the English skills for foreigners. It would be interesting to complete this book this year. And my colleague, Ronan, suggested me to pay for some English lessons too. I might try that, in particular for orale skill improvement and blog articles correction.

At The End

2017 is a brand new year and there’re a lot of things to be discovered. I tried not to define too mush goals for this year and achieve all of them at the end of the year. By the way, what about you? Do you have your own goals for 2017? It would be interested to hear from you too. You can send me an email at mincong.h at gmail.com. Thanks for reading, bye!