Hibernate Search

MassIndexer in Hibernate Search

In this article, I'll focus on how batch indexing is implemented in Hibernate Search.

Lucene queries in Hibernate Search

Today, I want to share something about the search feature in Hiberante Search. As mentionned in the official guide Getting started with Hibernate Search :

Now we’ll finally execute a first search. The general approach is to create a Lucene query, …, and then wrap this query into a org.hibernate.Query in order to get all the functionality one is used to from the Hibernate API.

In this article, I will focus on the Apache Lucene queries and find out what features can we use on it.

Starting Hibernate Search

This week I’ve started learning the Hibernate Search. Actually, this is my very first experience in open source project, so I’m really excited about it. At the first step, I started by Apache Lucene about the index and search. Then I learnt the Lucene query syntax, such as wildcard search, fuzzy search, proximatity search. Then I read a book about Hibernate Search, called Hibernate Search by Example. The book is quite good for beginers despite some methods are deprecated now. The essential of book reading, is to understand the mechanism about how hibernate search works, with hibernate ORM, JPA and Apache Lucene.