This week I’ve started learning the Hibernate Search. Actually, this is my very first experience in open source project, so I’m really excited about it. At the first step, I started by Apache Lucene about the index and search. Then I learnt the Lucene query syntax, such as wildcard search, fuzzy search, proximatity search. Then I read a book about Hibernate Search, called Hibernate Search by Example. The book is quite good for beginers despite some methods are deprecated now. The essential of book reading, is to understand the mechanism about how hibernate search works, with hibernate ORM, JPA and Apache Lucene.

Sanne has assgined me to the issue HSEARCH-2207 Treat BooleanQuery as an immutable Query at the beginning of this week. Now, there’re some advances: some modifications were made to these classes :

  • engine/src/main/java/org/hibernate/search/query/dsl/impl/
  • orm/src/test/java/org/hibernate/search/test/bridge/

HSEARCH-2207 - code changes

Tests have been validated as following

HSEARCH-2207 - Maven clean install

These modifications will be doned tommorrow or Monday. I feel tired now … So good night everybody