Study Note

Study notes are resources that I wrote when studying a new suject.

Git: Understanding Git Config

The format of Git internal configuration file (.git/config) is very simple: it has multiple sections, each of which contains multiple options. An option is indeed a key-value pair...

JavaScript Cheat Sheet

A simple JS cheat sheet for newbies, containing the basic syntax of commonly used statements: variable, class, array, JSON, ...

Python 3 Basic Syntax

The basic syntax to learn before writing code in Python 3.

Method Execution In Multithreading

Today I met some multithreading problems. Many Java syntax become very confusing in a multithreading environment. So I created a mini Java program, and wrote this study note to clarify the unclear methods. This blog post will go through the following steps:

  1. Source code and execution
  2. Understand Thread#join()
  3. Understand logic sharing
  4. Understand variable sharing

Learning HashMap

Understand java.util.HashMap in Java 11: bitwise operations, hash computation using hash code, index calculation, and more.

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

A quick introduction to Selenium WebDriver, a practical tool for running functional tests and browser automation. The sample is written with Firefox 58 and GeckoDriver 0.20.

GWT SafeCSS Internal

Recently, I helped the GWT community for porting module gwt-safecss to GitHub. I think it’s also a good opportunity to learn more about GWT SafeCss. That’s why I’m writing this study note.

OCP Java 8 Review Notes

Here're some review notes before my Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 exam. They're highly inspired by the following books: OCP Java SE 7 Certification Guide and Java 8 in Action. They are excellent resources for learning Java, which I highly recommend.