I’ve been learning different Java frameworks since my last intern in Beijing. In most of the time, they’re stored in my Mac and never shown to others. If lucky enough, they’ll get a chance to be published on Github. Today, I want to create a unique repository to store these small pieces. Ideally, this repo is modularized and extensible, so other frameworks can also be integrated in the future. Then I think about Maven! Maven supports project aggregation in addition to project inheritance, which means that one project can contain multiple modules. So different examples can go to different modules. Thanks to Maven aggregator, the project (repo) can still be built using one command:

mvn clean install

If another example need to be added, then we can create a new module. There’s no need to rebuild everything. Pretty cool, right? Now, check this repo at https://github.com/mincong-h/java-examples

Logo - Travis CI

On 16 Nov 2016, Travis CI was added to this project too. The process is really simple:

  1. Sign-up at Travis CI and link the GitHub repo “java-examples”
  2. Embed the script .travis.yml into the repo at root level
  3. Check the result at Travis CI