An Important Change

English to Chinese?

Hi my readers,

Currently I am traveling to Tianjing (天津) and writing this article in my hotel. In China, we cannot access to the internet the same way as others do in other countries. So the searching experience is completely different. Because of this, I discovered how painful it is for Chinese developers to search some documentations for their daily work. Also, most of the people don’t speak fluent English. Therefore, I think I should make some effort to make their lives easier. So I want to write articles in Chinese to better help them. Makig this decision is really hard. Because writing in Chinese means the rest of the world won’t understand these articles anymore. But I want to try something new.

I am also writing this article to thank all those who follow my blog and give my precious feedback. I hope my articles bring you some inspirations to your work. Thank you!

Here is my plan:

  • Starting from this article, most of the new articles will be written in Chinese.
  • Existing articles won’t be deleted.
  • I will still use the same feed.
  • I will try to add a Google translater to automatically translate the content of the article. I cannot do that right now because I don’t have access to Google…
  • The blog will be progressively internationalized to be more Chinese friendly. It means that the nagivations, post metadata and footer will support both EN and CN depending on the settings of the OS or the broswer.

Thanks for reading! Best,