Elasticsearch Snapshots

This series explores the feature “Snapshot and Restore” of Elasticsearch, an important and efficient way to backup your data in another physical location (usually in the cloud provider) and increase the data reliability of your cluster. In this series, we talk about different snapshot repository plugins designed for different cloud providers, the RESTful APIs, the internal structure of a repository, and application in real project.

Elasticsearch Snapshot Plugins

Elasticsearch snapshot repository plugins for AWS, GCP, and Azure

01 Nov 2021

Elasticsearch Snapshot APIs

This article summarizes the list of APIs for "Snapshot and Restore" in Elasticsearch, which allows you to perform operations easily and navigate to official documentation if you need more detail.

25 Oct 2021

Internal Structure Of Snapshot Repository

This article takes you to the Elasticsearch snapshot repository to explore its internal structure and understand the contents and uses of different files.

04 Sep 2021

DVF: Snapshot And Restore

Part 4: How to create a snapshot for index "transactions" of DVF and restore it to an Elasticsearch cluster.

10 Jan 2021