Open data “Demande de valeurs foncières géolocalisées (DVF)” is an open dataset provided by the French government which collects all the real-estate transactions since January 2014, in mainland France and the overseas departments and territories, except in Mayotte and Alsace-Moselle. This series uses DVF dataset to demonstrate the features of Elasticsearch, including indexing, storage, search, and analytics.

DVF: Real Estate Analysis For Île-de-France in 2020

This article studies the real estate market of Île-de-France in 2020 by exploring and visualizing the dataset DVF using Kibana. We will discuss the global landscape, the impact of COVID-19, the situation in different departments, and more.

16 Apr 2021

DVF: Aggregations

How to write and execute metric and bucket aggregations in Elasticsearch for dataset: Demandes de valeurs foncières (DVF) for data analytics. Also, how to execute aggregations that contain sub-aggregations.

12 Apr 2021

DVF: Snapshot And Restore

Part 4: How to create a snapshot for index "transactions" of DVF and restore it to an Elasticsearch cluster.

10 Jan 2021

DVF: Storage Optimization

Part 3: How to optmize storage of a given index by 40% using force-merge.

25 Dec 2020

DVF: Indexing Optimization

Part 2: Optimize the indexing process using bulk index requests and multi-threading.

17 Dec 2020

DVF: Indexing New Documents

Part 1: Indexing new documents into Elasticsearch using French government's open data "Demande de valeurs foncières (DVF)".

16 Dec 2020